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PT. Versus Engineering Network, Distributor of Versus Pump sells quality centrifugal pumps at affordable prices. We Distributor Versus Pump selling centrifugal pumps / centrifugal pumps which are types of water pumps that are widely used in various industrial applications. This pump works with the principle of centrifugal force, where the rotating object will cause an outward force (centrifugal force). The magnitude of the centrifugal force is very dependent on the mass of the object, the rotational speed and the radius of the path. The capacity produced by a centrifugal pump is proportional to the rotation, while the total head (pressure) produced is proportional to the cube of rotational speed. This pump consists of a disc and there are blades, the direction of rotation of the blades are usually deflected back toward the direction of rotation.

Selling Centrifugal Pump

PT. Versus Engineering Network, Distributor of Versus Pump sells centrifugal pump which is one type of dynamic working pump. That is a pump with the working principle of converting the kinetic energy (velocity) of a liquid into potential energy through an impeller that rotates in the casing. Centrifugal pump is the most widely used dynamic pump compared to other dynamic pumps because of its simple shape and relatively cheap price. Selling centrifugal pumps / centrifugal pumps with various benefits obtained, namely the ability to operate at high speed, which can be coupled with electric motors, combustion motors or small steam turbines so that only requires a small space, lighter and lighter installation costs, low prices and low maintenance costs. Buy through us now with competitive centrifugal pump prices for various industries such as Raw Water, Fire Fighting, Water Treatment Supply, Heating Circulation, Palm Oil Mill, Reffinery, General Industry, Agri Culture, Bio Diesel, etc.

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