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PT. Versus Engineering Network, Distributor Versus Electromotor selling quality electro motor at affordable prices. We sell electro motor or electric motor is a mechanical device that converts electrical energy into kinetic or motion energy. Electric motors are widely used for various industrial applications such as fans, pumps, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and others. We sell electro electric motors which are spare parts for Palm Oil Mill and various other industries. Electric motors in the industrial world are often referred to by the term "work horse" industry because it is estimated that motors use about 70% of the total electricity load in industry. Basically, electric motors are divided into 2 types, namely DC electric motors and AC electric motors. Then from this type are classified into several classifications again according to their characteristics. As Distributors Versus Electromotor and Electric Motor Distributors we always provide the best and quality products to our customers for their industrial needs.

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